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Spots That Move In Your Vision

Many of us see an occassional dark or grey spot (often referred to as "floaters") moving around in our vision. As we move our eyes in one direction, that spot may continue moving until it stops or momentarily disappears. This is usually part of the vitreous humor (or gel) inside of the eyes that may break apart over time.

When should you be concerned with these floaters? If there is a floater that you have never noticed before or a new floater develops, then you should have this checked by your optometrist with a dilated eye examination. A new increase in floaters or onset of floaters may indicate a tear in the retina that can develop into a retinal detachment and cause visual loss.

Flashing Lights

Seeing flashing lights in your field of vision may come along with new floaters and usually indicates traction of the gel pulling on the retina. This may be a precurser to a tear in the retina or indicative of a tear in the retina.

Treatment and Management

There are no treatments for standard floaters unless a retinal tear or a retinal detachement is identified. For regular floaters monitoring at the early stages is important as sometimes, although rare, retinal tears or detachments may develop without new symptoms after an initial visit that will need treatment.

For those who are experiencing these symptoms it is important to have a dilated eye examination as soon as possible to rule out retinal problems.


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